Due to the severe weather conditions and devastation that the state of Texas is facing, we want to let you know that the Combined Arms community is here for you. We're sharing resources and information so that you and your family can stay safe and warm.

If you are without power and are in need of a warming center, visit the map here to find one near you. If you are without power and cannot safely get to a warming center, follow the tips below:

  • Bundle up and layer clothing 
  • Stay in one small room and close doors to maintain warmth
  • Close all blinds and curtains at night
  • Burn candles (safely) to help generate heat

Please stay safe and DO NOT sit in your car in the garage or use a gas stove or oven for heat. These can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have a pipe burst in your home, follow the steps below:

  • Turn main water supply off (usually by curb of house)
  • File a claim as soon as possible with your insurance company
  • Do not make permanent repairs until a claim has been filed & damage has been inspected by adjuster
  • Check home for water leaks/damage when it is safe
  • Check personal property for damage 
  • Do not dispose of any damaged property until an adjuster has completed the inspection
  • Take photos/videos of all damage; both property (home) and personal belongings
  • Clean damage after it has been documented; not cleaning can cause more damage

What to do if pipes are frozen:

  • Turn main water supply off
  • It is better if you get assistance from a plumber/professional

Tips if no plumber is available:

  • Remove water hoses from outside water sockets, this will help indoor faucets drain
  • Cover outside water sockets
  • Turn indoor water faucets on before you apply heat to the pipes
  • Start closest to the faucet and work your way down the pipe
  • If you cannot reach/locate the pipe; contact a plumber

Tips when contacting insurance company:

  • Do not use the word “flood” because insurance companies have a specific definition of the word flood and floods are only covered under a separate policy. Always refer to your claim as “water damage.”
  • Emphasis the burst pipe was “sudden/accidental” due to weather.
  • Make sure to read and understand the work authorization forms you are signing. 
    • You might want to write “any billing is subject to an agreement and approval by the insurance company” when working with an emergency service company. You might have reported the damage and may have a claim number but remember that you might be on your own until the claim is approved.  

Find information here on VA Guidance for Natural Disasters  with claims guidance assistance for your VA home loans and insurance. 


If you need VA Health Care assistance or have questions such as where to go for care or how to receive prescribed medications, call their toll-free number for assistance in areas that have been impacted by disasters. Veterans or their families can call the live VA Veterans Disaster Response line 24 hours, seven days a week at 1-800-507-4571.


If you are in need of further assistance,

please call our Intake Team at 888-737-3112.