Virtual Memorial Day Parade


Combined Arms is participating in a virtual Memorial Day parade hosted by Ancestry! You are invited to be a part of the program by submitting a video clip or photo offering a salute to those who have served or lost their lives in the American armed forces. Materials may be featured in the webstream on May 25th, 2020.

1. Record a video clip of you and/or your family honoring the veteran(s) in your life. You can salute, wave an American flag or any other preferred military signal direct to the camera. Video is preferred, but photos are also accepted.
a. Please film with the camera horizontally (as opposed to vertically), hold it steady or place it on a steady surface, and make sure participants are well lit. You may also use a self-timer on your device if desired.
b. The video can be of one or many people saluting, waving a flag, holding signs of tribute, or showing your act of remembrance in a personal way.
c. Videos should last about 10 seconds, please allow a few seconds pause before and after your salute / wave / tribute.
d. If possible, include a photo or other memorabilia of the veteran you are honoring, or consider holding a sign with that person’s name on it.

2. Send your video or photos directly to AND - If you are comfortable sharing, please include your family name, hometown and name of the veteran you are honoring.

3. e-Sign & submit the appearance release form directly from your web browser

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