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Veterans Day is Every Day at Combined Arms

November 10, 2022

In honor of Veterans Day, the Combined Arms team shared the lasting impacts that their fellow service members and veterans have left on their lives. Listen to their inspiring stories.

At Combined Arms, every day is Veterans Day. Veterans and military families make up who we are - 70% of CAX’s staff members are military-connected, and 55% are veterans - and serve as our why.  From all of us, thank you for your service, and for your support, which enables our dedicated team to work day in, and day out to improve the well-being of the military-connected community through innovative technology. 

Founded in 2015, Combined Arms (CAX) is a disruptive backbone organization on a mission to revolutionize the way veterans and military families connect to resources. Our work is designed to support veterans who may otherwise encounter difficulties accessing needed support as they transition from military to civilian life due to the highly fragmented and siloed structure of the over 2,300 public and private veteran-serving organizations in Texas, and the more than 45,000 veterans service organizations in the United States. Veterans come to CAX seeking support along a variety of dimensions related to health, employment, financial well-being, and social and community support. The transition from the military to civilian life is often complicated and involves more than a simple change of jobs. Almost every aspect of a veteran’s life changes, including residence, financial status, and available support systems. 

Many veterans have experienced significant challenges as a result of military service, including injuries and health concerns, PTSD and other mental health needs, and a loss of identity as they transition out of the military community. Without the coordinated support that CAX provides, veterans can experience dire outcomes such as unemployment or under-employment, substance abuse, family challenges, homelessness, and in some cases criminal behavior and increased rates of suicidality. Through CAX’s coordinated service and backbone organization model, our clients find needed resources by connecting directly with service providers faster to get the support they need to thrive after serving our nation.

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Expanding To Serve More Veterans

We are thrilled to announce our expansion into the state of Louisiana through a partnership with the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs (LDVA). Louisiana is home to 283,000+ Veterans that will benefit from this leap forward in advancing veteran care through Combined Arms technology. Combined Arms enables the military-connected community to quickly and efficiently access resources, services, and benefits in the communities where people live by streamlining the connection between them and the social service agencies that can meet their personal and professional needs. This expansive partnership is the next step in the evolution of Louisiana’s veteran network. Combined Arms is proud to support this expansion of resources through the Combined Arms technology and network. 

Combined Arms is focused on improving veterans’ well-being by connecting them to the community. Thanks to generous support from Boeing, we have been laying the foundation in Louisiana for several months and are excited to announce our 3rd statewide partnership with the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs.” - said Mike Hutchings, CEO of Combined Arms

Learn more about Combined Arms expansion into the state of Louisiana here.

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