Combined Arms Powers South Carolina’s Newest Effort To Support Vets


"The state of South Carolina, led by Secretary Grimsley of the South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs (SCDVA), invested in the Combined Arms model, methodology, and technology in order to increase interstate collaboration and efficiency for veterans and military families. After several months of close collaboration between the Combined Arms and SCDVA teams, The South Carolina Veteran Coalition powered by Combined Arms launched in April 2022. 

Comprised of SCDVA leaders, veteran service organizations and County Veterans Affairs' Officers, The South Carolina Veteran Coalition offers statewide-coverage and is anticipated to serve approximately 1,000 veterans and military-connected individuals each year. 22 state agencies, nonprofits, federal agencies, and individual veterans and military family members across South Carolina use the Combined Arms-powered platform for lead captures, enrollment, communications, connection to resources, case management, resource mapping, due diligence, data warehousing, dashboards, reporting, and more. 

"We jumped at the opportunity to share our statewide scalability and apply it to South Carolina's veteran-serving ecosystem. We worked closely with and learned a great deal from General Grimsley and the rest of the SCDVA team. This collaboration with South Carolina Department of Veteran Affairs has already proved to be a step in the right direction. Our partnership has inspired innovation and process improvement within the Combined Arms platform. This demonstrates our shared commitment to constantly advance the impact on our nation's veterans and military families. When vision is aligned, nothing is impossible." says Bryan Escobedo, National Systems Director for Combined Arms."


To learn more about Combined Arms and how our proven model, methodology, and technology can help advance outcomes for service members, veterans, and military-connected individuals in your community, click here to schedule a call with the Combined Arms team today.