NOW SEEKING: Social Impact Committee Chair Volunteer!


Social Impact Committee Chair



MISSION: Project Manage Small High-Impact Volunteer Events


REPORTS TO: Collaboration Manager, Tina Salisbury

SUPERVISES: Volunteers


There will always be veterans in our community facing overwhelming circumstances that nonprofits cannot address. The purpose of this committee is to identify veterans in that gap and help them. This will require a committee chair who can lead service projects from conception to completion, manage volunteers at the project site, build relationships with supporters, and act as the lead communicator with the beneficiary. The committee chair will be directly responsible for impacting the life of one veteran at a time through leveraging Combined Arms resources and channeling the goodwill of the community.

Committee Mission:

We will coordinate repair, maintenance, and service projects to assist Veterans in our community who have limited resources and support networks, and who have been unable to secure assistance through other community programs. We strive to make an immediate and lasting positive impact in their lives. We will accomplish this through collaboration with volunteers, skilled Veterans, and local community support.


Project management

  • Must be able to scope the cost of a project and keep it under budget
  • Must be able to create and maintain a project budget
  • Must be able to scope labor needed to complete project
  • Must be able to design a project from conception to completion with an after action review

Volunteer management

  • Must be able to scope volunteer labor needed to complete project
  • Must be able to create volunteer roles
  • Must be able to provide training, materials and tools for volunteers

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Experience managing large or small scale construction projects
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Effectively manage teams of volunteers
  • Ability to multitask
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Good time management skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Empathetic and good listener, able to handle sensitive information
  • Present a professional image and represent Combined Arms and community partners in a positive light on marketing materials and videos
  • Any additional relevant certification or knowledge of home repair or construction will be considered

Work Environment:Virtual by phone/email and physical work will be done on-site at project locations may be outdoors or inside a construction area. 

Time Requirement:20-30 hours a month. This time includes 1-2 hours organizing and planning, monthly committee meetings, 4-8 hours on the day of projects themselves. Projects will occur at least once monthly. 

COMPENSATION: Determined on a quarterly basis based on performance and Combined Arms budget no more than $200 per month.







Communicates with Collaboration Manager sporadically

Meets once a week with Collaboration Manager to plan projects

Meets multiple times a week to report on progress towards completing a project

Project Management

The project is over budget, volunteers are uncertain of their duties, inadequate tools or materials to complete the project, no team leads.

The entire project has been kept at budget, volunteer roles are defined, tools and materials for volunteers are set at their location, team leads are informed of their roles.

The entire project is under budget, volunteers roles are defined and led by someone with expertise, and completed with time to spare.

Project Execution

Tools and materials needed to complete the work are not available

All materials and tools are on site the day of the project

Extra materials and tools are on site a day prior to the project

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are not available prior to projects and are not given a project scope and timeline

A list of volunteers to support committee are maintained and meet on a monthly basis

Volunteers are fully committed and proactive in suggesting projects to support

Beneficiary Communication

Missing monthly training.

Host monthly member organization training, and 1-off training as necessary 

Create automated training for member organizations through training modules