Veterans Needed for an Online Appearance Related Research Survey!


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Twelve women veterans in Houston participated in a research study of “Body Image Perceptions of Women Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma”. We learned the invisible scars of MST were worse than visible physical scars for these veterans. Viewing self in a mirror was depicted as viewing a stranger. Being with others, including family, was described as wearing a fake face. The phrase I am broken defined intimate relationships which were non-existent or strained. Shame permeated all body image structures. As the veterans listened to each other, they began to see themes in their stories. There was a shared sense of identity and a movement toward greater self-understanding and resolving. In addition to the recommendations the participants had regarding the prevention of MST, they recommended a supportive peer facilitated group intervention to help with the mirror viewing experience. 

As mirror research is new, we needed to design a questionnaire: The Mirror Comfort & Acceptance Scale – for Veterans (MICAS-V). This tool will be used for mirror research for those veterans who have suffered physical or emotional trauma. The tool is in the stage where all questions need to be statistically analyzed for validity.

150 veterans are needed to ensure questions in the scale are valid. Veterans who have never suffered physical or emotional trauma and those who have suffered are welcome to take part. 

Please join me in my quest to enhance one experience for veterans who have suffered for their country. 

The survey can be found at

Thank you! 

Dr. Freysteinson  

Wyona M. Freysteinson, PhD, MN is Associate Professor, Nelda C. Stark College of Nursing at Texas Woman’s University in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Freysteinson has extensively researched the mirror experience in terminally ill women, individuals who have had an amputation of a limb, and veterans. Her work has resulted in several publications and numerous regional, national, and international presentations. Contact information: