Your Questions Answered: The CAX + LSVA Merger


To the members of Lone Star Veterans Association and member organizations of Combined Arms: we’ve appreciated the outpour of genuine support for the merger between LSVA and Combined Arms. It’s a relief to us that many are in favor of integrating the two since we have similar goals - and validated the idea of reducing redundancies amongst vet service orgs. This FAQ is to address the technical aspects of the merger between LSVA and CAX. How will this look and be for those that made us successful: the members?

What happens to my membership?

Nothing changes with your membership! If anything, it has improved—just with the Combined Arms name. This merger will provide more comprehensive resources to those already through LSVA and open the doors for many others. We’d love to see you update your profile after we merge our member databases in a couple of months. We’ll reach out to notify you once this occurs and we’re ready to update your information. If you’ve been attending events and never got around to joining LSVA then make sure to make your CAX profile here.

What happens to the events I like going to?

All affinity groups under the LSVA name will be shifting over to the CAX name, while retaining all of their events and functions. Also, with more marketing awareness brought by the merger, we’ll be able to expand on them and make them more accessible through the CAX platform. The affinity groups will also be working to provide greater outreach and resource referrals support to our amazing member organizations in the CAX system. Find upcoming events for your Affinity Group on the CAX calendar here.

What happens to the affinity group I belong to?

They will still all be happening as planned - and with more logistical and marketing resources, will be better than before. We will be integrating our calendars on the CAX calendar page here in the coming weeks so there will truly be one place to find everything going on in the veteran community.

Where are my sponsorships, donations, recurring donations and fundraising events going to go now?

They will be supporting the same mission as they were before through LSVA, only now in conjunction with the donor and supporter base of Combined Arms. After all, no one wants to be the only donor. This also means your dollars will be more efficient and effective in their impact for the veteran community as well. This is the donation page that we’ll be using from now on.

Can I still volunteer?

Of course! Opportunities will continue to be posted on the Combined Arms website and social media channels. Sign up for volunteer opportunities for all 54 Combined Arms member organizations here.

What is happening to the LSVA website?

Eventually, the LSVA website will be sundowned and forward to the Combined Arms website. Not to worry, though! Any and all resources previously available will be on the Combined Arms website. Check out the Combined Arms website here.

Where can I find out about upcoming events?

The Combined Arms website ( will have a comprehensive calendar of events. Since you’re already subscribed to the LSVA e-mail newsletter, you’ll now be subscribed to the Combined Arms one. In it, you’ll find out about anything upcoming, and you’ll have the opportunity to find out more through the Combined Arms social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

What about the social media pages and groups?

Over the next few months, you’ll notice that the Lone Star Veterans Association communications and social media will shift to the Combined Arms name and brand. All groups will remain the same in reason and mission, just with that slight change. To find out more, visit the Combined Arms social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Will I continue to receive the LSVA newsletter?

Yes, and it will be under the Combined Arms name, with more information on how our veterans services organization impact Houston and how Combined Arms is accelerating the impact of veterans on Houston. Sign up for the Combined Arms Newsletter here.

Who is in charge of the merged organization?

John Boerstler, the current NextOp Executive Director, will now be the CEO of CAX. John will oversee the overall organization, development, external communications, and strategic relationships. John will also be responsible for expansion into new markets for the Combined Arms technology and methodology. Feel free to reach out to John at

Kevin Doffing, the current LSVA CEO, will now be COO of CAX. Kevin will oversee the finance and operations of the organization as well as leading the Houston team. Kevin will continue to be responsible for the community building initiatives that are the hallmark of LSVA through the Affinity Group and Community Leader programs. Feel free to reach out to Kevin at

The member organizations that Combined Arms houses, however, will have a lot of voice in how the organization serves the community. This makes the Combined Arms model unique and resonant.