A Tour at KHOU 11 with our Member Organizations

On a hot summer day, we gathered up our member organizations, put them all on a bus  (their  own cars), and we all went out on a field trip to the brand new KHOU 11 studio in the Galleria area. Nearly two years ago, the original KHOU 11 studio flooded during Hurricane Harvey Dramatically, as the waters were rising, they vacated their studios while they were covering the storm itself. One of Houston’s most defining days of its character was happening live on television, and as the KHOU staff signed off, with their work still ahead of them and well-wishers reaching out to them on social media from all around the city, also got knocked down by this hurricane.
Down, but never out.
After some time sharing space with KUHF  on the University of Houston campus, they finally moved into their new studios and were happy to present their new home to the community. 
Bobby Spring, General Manager, lead us on an extensive tour behind the scenes at KHOU and how their operations all begin and get woven together. Here’s a breakdown:
  • Bobby led us on a tour of their primary new studio, covered in new screens and lights, with much of the nearly every screen reflecting that their focus is on Houston.Tour with KHOU and Combined ArmsTour with KHOU and Combined ArmsTour with KHOU and Combined ArmsTour with KHOU and Combined Arms
  • We had an exclusive sneak peak into the “mission control room” with Sally Ramirez - the classic wall full of screens and a team to at the helm to ensure that KHOU is at full speed.Tour with KHOU and Combined ArmsTour with KHOU and Combined Arms
  • Walked in and through the news floor where the staff was buzzing with the day’s news, and even to the morning meeting gathering area where an electronic white board is used to ping pong and brainstorm the topics that would be presented on the day. Tour with KHOU and Combined ArmsTour with KHOU and Combined Arms
  • Sally Ramirez and Bill Bishop hosted a presentation and info session of how our member organizations can submit pitches and ideas for stories for veterans and those we serve. The Q&A was especially great for getting ideas going for how we can work better with our local media!
  • The obligatory group photos!Tour with KHOU and Combined ArmsTour with KHOU and Combined Arms
We’d like to thank the following member organizations that were able to make it! Their participation is what makes these events engaging, valuable and fun.

If you’re a member organization that wants to participate in events just like these, not to worry. We’re in the works on planning more station tours like this one and the invite is always extended to everyone. Be on the lookout for the next announcement!

As a resource to our member organizations, we want to make it as easy as possible to get the word out about events. Bill Bishop of KHOU was gracious enough to send us a great example of a press release that I’ll share right here:
It’s kept short and simple - the two key elements that’ll grab the attention of the press staff that will handle these requests. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact the Marketing Manager at Combined Arms, Alan Nguyen