Combined Arms is proud to partner with The Ambitious VET Podcast to launch a survey so that we can better serve our veterans and help them thrive in their communities. Right now it’s more crucial than ever to gain your feedback on what we’ve been able to accomplish.

Combined Arms exists to accelerate the transition from military to civilian life. The faster veterans integrate into our community, the faster we are able to harness their passions and skills to make an impact. We are here to connect these veterans to resources so they can make “civilian” their next branch of service.

We want to hear from you. Help us get to know our audience of veterans, their families, friends, and supporters by participating in the survey so that we can continue our mission and make improvements. This will allow us to serve even more veterans and to ensure that they have a successful transition.

Once we have at least 50 responses, we will be doing a random drawing for two lucky winners to get their own pair of Combined Arms Floperators from Combat Flip Flops! FILL OUT SURVEYAbout The Ambitious VET Podcast
If you're a veteran who has been transitioned for a few years and who has figured it out on how to achieve career stability but is asking yourself, IS THIS IT? Maybe you are feeling tired of the mundane routine and feeling frustrated because you aren't where you want to be in life. If so, The Ambitious VET is for you, here we dive into the trenches with big thinking and growth-minded veterans who know what it takes to break through to new levels of life satisfaction, fulfillment, and purpose.

To date the show has produced 125+ episodes, has over 10,000+ listeners a week, and has been featured in Podcast Magazine as a top 10 veteran-hosted podcast.

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