Combined Arms: Standing Strong for Houston Flood Victims


In the wake of the devastating floods that have swept through Houston, Combined Arms is gearing up to extend its unwavering support to the veterans and communities affected by this natural disaster. Combined Arms is poised to make a significant impact in the relief and recovery efforts with a proactive approach and a robust network of resources.

Reaching Out to Those in Need

One of the primary initiatives undertaken by Combined Arms is the proactive outreach to over 21,000 known veterans residing in the areas affected by the flooding. By ensuring that these veterans have access to crucial resources such as financial aid, food, housing, and more through the Combined Arms network, the organization aims to provide timely assistance to those facing hardships in the aftermath of the floods.

Utilizing Technology for Swift Assistance

Combined Arms will leverage its QuickConnect tool via social media and email to expedite connecting impacted veterans to emergency resources. This tool enables the immediate linking of veterans to essential services within the Combined Arms network, ensuring that help reaches those in need without delay.

Mobilizing Veteran Neighborhood Leaders

In addition to providing direct assistance, Combined Arms will mobilize over 500 Veteran Neighborhood Leaders to support volunteer efforts for flood response and cleanup throughout all affected communities. These leaders, equipped with their unique understanding of the challenges veterans and their communities face, will be vital in coordinating and executing relief efforts.

Coordinating Distribution of Emergency Items

Recognizing the urgent need for essential items in the aftermath of a disaster, Combined Arms will coordinate the distribution of emergency supplies such as food and hygiene products to affected individuals and families. By ensuring these necessities reach those most in need, Combined Arms aims to alleviate some of the immediate hardships flood victims face.

Keeping the Community Informed and Safe

In times of crisis, access to accurate and timely information is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of affected individuals. To this end, Combined Arms will disseminate essential updates and advisories from county and city authorities to its community. By keeping everyone informed, Combined Arms seeks to empower individuals to make informed decisions and take necessary precautions to stay safe amidst the ongoing challenges posed by the flooding.

As Houston navigates through these difficult times, Combined Arms is a beacon of hope and support for its veterans and communities. Combined Arms is committed to helping Houston emerge stronger from the aftermath of the floods through proactive outreach, technological innovation, community mobilization, and coordinated relief efforts. Together, we will weather this storm and rebuild our beloved city one step at a time.