Combined Arms Launches Lighthouse API to expedite Veteran Connections


Combined Arms has enhanced our data-driven approach by cultivating a culture of quick adaptation and a “meet the client where they are” mentality to unite clients with their community and ensure efficient access to the resources and social services needed. While serving service members, veterans, and their families we’ve discovered that many veterans do not have access to documentation, such as DD-214s, disability decision letters, and/or other evidence of their service history readily available when applying for benefits and services through our growing network of 220+ member organizations. Accessing this documentation can take weeks or months, which can act as a deterrent or barrier to care as many service providers require proof of service and other forms of service verification as an eligibility requirement. To solve this all-too-common challenge we have partnered with Lighthouse API and the VA to create a safe, accessible, and efficient way for veterans to verify their service, service history, and/or disability status in just seconds. The use of Lighthouse API enables veterans to provide consent to share their information with the service provider/s of their choosing and gives them the control to delete all of their synced data with the click of a button. The integration eliminates the need for paper DD-214s and greatly reduces the risk of confidential data leaks for service providers. This is a game-changer for all veterans looking to connect with resources, especially homeless and at-risk veterans with time-sensitive needs. 

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After creating and verifying their Combined Arms account, veterans are able to complete their  Combined Arms profile. Clicking the “Status Information” button  allows them to verify their veteran status, sync their service history, share their disability rating, or revoke access to all three thanks to Lighthouse API, which pulls data from the VA’s Master Veteran Index 

This API requires an API key in combination with the client-provided identifiable information including:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number

This API is querying the Master Veteran Index, which is the reference point database of all who served in the U.S. Armed Forces at any given time. The verification API draws service history and disability rating directly from federal databases. Alternatively, a client can sync their data with their MyHealtheVet, DS Login,, or accounts.

Once the information is synced, by consent of the client, a token to view the client’s information is granted to the service provider or administrator of the system. In doing so, the need for paperwork, fax, or other evidence of service, is replaced by immediate digital access.

Our Lighthouse API integration allows service providers to safely accept and verify proof of service, service history, and disability in minutes. As the only veteran services platform offering an API connection with the VA’s Master Veteran Index, Combined Arms is leading the way by eliminating the need for service providers to hold and file paper DD-214s, which not only reduces the risk of confidential data leaks but, more importantly, removes barriers to care and accelerates time to service for veterans across the nation. 

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