A Letter from John Boerstler, CEO of Combined Arms



Howdy! My name is John Boerstler - and I am proud to serve as the new CEO of Combined Arms. I’d like to reintroduce you to a newly invigorated Combined Arms team and our innovative systems-based approach to connecting 400+ customized resources provided by our 56 amazing member organizations. I’ve been working in the space for over 12 years now and I am so excited about the incredible progress our region has made in becoming an international model for serving veterans and organizations. In those 12 years I’ve served in various positions with 4 of the member organizations - the City of Houston Office of Veterans Affairs, Lone Star Veterans Association, Wounded Warrior Project, and NextOp - which has given me a good perspective of what we all need to be successful in accomplishing our missions together rather than apart. All of these organizations were 4 of the 8 founding member organizations of the Combined Arms system in 2015 and continue to be integral to the success of our system. We could not have achieved any of the success as a community without you - our partners, our supporters, our veterans and our families. Veterans are Houston’s greatest asset because of you.

I'm excited to announce that Combined Arms recently merged with Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA) to better serve our community, and soon communities around the state and country. With the integration of LSVA’s community-based professional networks and social groups driven by amazing volunteer community leaders, the transition of veterans and their families are more effective and supported than ever before. We have grown our team’s capacity in order to meet the expanded and immediate needs of our member organizations and the veteran community we all serve. Our executive board has also grown to include a vast variety of professional and personal backgrounds, all brought together for our mission to unite the community to accelerate the impact of veterans on our communities. Most importantly, our Collaboration Committee Chairs, made up of outstanding leaders within our member organizations, are critically important assets that constantly works to collaborate more effectively and improve the Combined Arms system.

More information on all of these talented leaders is all here on our webpage! I encourage you to take a few minutes in order to explore where we all come from and what inspires us - and as always, we welcome any questions or suggestions from y’all.


We pride ourselves in our ambition and goals, and not only that, our transparency in achieving them. We know that our collective efforts, in combination with the expertise in services that our member organizations have, will do more than ever to propel the goals and vision we have ahead. That’s why we’re presenting these three strategic objectives.

  • Strategic Objective #1: Scale our strategy, operations, and tactics to serve more member organizations and more veterans.
  • Strategic Objective #2: Optimize our processes impacting member organization collaboration, technology platform usage, and client experience.
  • Strategic Objective #3: Replicate our model in other communities in order to develop new and innovative best practices that can positively impact the optimization of the system.